Your body likes you.

Do you like it, too?

Feeling safe, at home, and comfortable in your own body is the foundation for a healthy relationship with yourself, a contented life, and loving, authentic relationships with others.

"Accepting your own body", "loving yourself" - you have probably read or heard such verbiage many times and perhaps you've always asked yourself "How is that supposed to work?" 

Aspiration and reality are often two different things. Very few people are free from prejudices - whether it's their own or others - when it comes to their bodies. 

The postulate of self-love or body positivity often only leads to even more pressure and frustration instead of the desired reconciliation with one's own body, because love, sympathy or friendship are not feelings that we can simply prescribe from our heads. Relationships are not created by mere will. Mindset is not everything. Just as we cannot persuade or even force ourselves to like or become fond of someone else, mere will and saying affirmations in front of the mirror are not enough to change the relationship we have with ourselves and our own body in the long term. 

In addition, with every new phase of life, with social upheavals, illnesses, crises, but also the gradual changes that creep in through the natural aging process, we are confronted with new challenges that may complicate the relationship with ourselves. 

How can we succeed in all the turmoil in having the body as a loyal friend instead of an enemy? How can we discover and maintain it as a lifelong home and abundant resource instead of a permanent construction site? I deal with these questions practically and theoretically in my work as teacher and coach. Here on my website you can find a few first impressions of my work.

Have fun exploring it!

Many roads will lead you home.

How about:

HOME is the first German online platform that offers yoga, somatics, LYT, yoga psychology and much more in one place.

Available for you wherever you are. So that you can feel at home in your body – wherever you are.

Every person is unique, which is why there are no blueprint methods in my 1:1 coaching, but the processes are designed individually. Depending on your needs I'll use a wide variety of methods, exercises and approaches from my numerous training courses and my own practical experience.

Do you feel heard?

How do you experience yourself and your voice? 

Once a month we explore the dimensions and potential of your own voice in a group with practical exercises and active exchange.

No previous knowledge required!


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