breath is life.

Wether we are aware of it or not – our bodies are constantly exchanging gases with our environment. Without the photosynthesis of plants that produces oxygen, human life would not be possible.

The intention of this workshop is to raise awareness of the symbiotic relationship between humans and plants through breathwork and sound. If we sensually experience that we are part of an ecosystem instead of only understanding that from a logical perspective, we also might find a deeper meaning of our own existence and satisfy our longing for belonging.

The session will be accompanied by live ambient plant music. Electrodes and a synthesizer module attached to plants will convert current running through their leaves into soundwaves, making the plants audible to our sense of hearing.

Our goal is to gently guide you to open up to more subtle layers of breath perception so that you’ll become more sensitive to the constant pulse of life that is running through your body, other humans, creatures and – last but not least – plants.


The next symbiotic Breath workshop will start in